Whether you’re looking to update your old restaurant furniture or just starting out, setting the right mood for your restaurant is key in attracting and keeping customers. When you’re looking for modern restaurant furniture that sets your business apart from the rest, consider these factors when choosing the best table for you.

Type of Material
You might want the post-modern feel of a metal table to entice customers; after all, the table is durable yet sophisticated. Or maybe you’d prefer the cozy ambiance of a wooden table? Modern restaurant furniture needs to be durable but quality — as a consumer, this has been proven to be the most important part in the selection process. While each type of table material comes with its benefits and drawbacks, investing in a high quality furniture brand will ensure your tables look good from day one to 100. Try mixing up the upholstery fabric or choosing a wood table finish to blend different aspects of design to set your restaurant apart.

Any good restaurateur knows that various table sizes are key in both getting customers in and out quickly. Buying the same sized tables will create a uniform look, but it might stop the flow of customers moving through your restaurant. Consider the demographics of the area in which your restaurant resides: is it mostly families, or corporate professionals looking to grab a quick bite? Variable sizing will offer more seating options to a wider variety of groups and individuals throughout the lulls and bustles during the day.

It might be tempting to skimp on the quality of your tables if you’re looking to spend less and get more. However, the benefits of commercial furniture cannot be emphasized enough: it will last longer and look better. While some cheaper furniture options might offer the appearance of durable restaurant furniture, make sure to buy your modern restaurant furniture from a reliable manufacturer. This is the only way to guarantee the longevity of your purchase and the safety of your guests.

While a granite countertop may cost more up front, they often don’t depreciate in value. A wooden table top may be more affordable but require more maintenance. The type of furniture and the volume of traffic your restaurant receives are important factors to include in the final cost you’re willing to pay.

Selecting the right table is one of the most important parts of setting that ambiance — after all, the table is where old friends get together, new couples find love, and business relationships are established. Take these factors into account when you consider purchasing your new commercial furniture.