There are many reasons you may want to buy commercial furniture for your restaurant: the old pieces may be falling apart, you suddenly had a burst of inspiration, or you’re not doing as well as you’d like and want to upgrade your interior. Whatever your motivations, upgrading to stylish, high quality furniture can be quite the endeavor, both mentally and financially. To ensure that you have thought everything through before making your purchase and making your change, consider these three aspects first.

Design plans: Consistency is the name of the game in the restaurant biz (in fact, it’s one of the three key principles of interior design) — if you run a Mexican restaurant and you swap out your bright, colorful furniture for drab or dreary new pieces, people are going to notice, and (unfortunately) they’re not going to like it. It is vital that you keep a common theme, style, and color scheme throughout the entire space; this helps you build your brand, ensuring that first-time customers become repeat customers.

Customer comfort: You may have discovered some industrial chairs made out of sleek stainless steel that you adore, but that doesn’t mean your customers — who have to sit on them for a few hours — will. The customer always comes first, and this includes their physical comfort. Luckily, there are ways to incorporate certain aspects of design that may be less-than-practical: for example, if you love the stainless steel look, add artwork throughout the space instead.

Durability/Upkeep: It’s important to remember that whatever commercial furniture fabrics or table finishes you pick out are going to need to withstand being routinely cleaned. Additionally, it’s wise to think in the long run: some pieces may be more expensive at the outset but will last significantly longer than cheaper options.

Remember that your restaurant is a representation of yourself. First impressions mean just about everything in today’s business market, so you want to be absolutely sure you’ve made the best one possible. If you keep that in mind while you’re looking to buy commercial furniture, you can’t fail!