When you open your restaurant, you can feel overwhelmed with all the decisions you have to make. Between the technological, financial, and design specifications for your restaurant, choosing the right tables might be the last thing on your mind. But this is one of the most important aspects of running your restaurant.

Not only does a good table create an ambiance in your restaurant, it needs to have the durability necessary to handle many different clients and the messes that they can create. So, how do you choose the right finish for your restaurant’s many tables? Here are the three most common types of table finishes.

Wood table finish
A wood table finish for your commercial furniture is one of the best options for durability in a restaurant. As a restauranteur, you’ll likely want to go for a polyurethane finish. While polyurethane finishes are often difficult to repair, they make up for it in water resistance and their scratch proof exterior designed to keep your wooden tables looking fresh and clean, no matter how old they might be. There are different types of wood table finish options to choose from however. Other types of finish include:

Wax finish – This finish is perfect if you want your wood to be on display, not the finish. The transparent quality of the finish means that it requires regular maintenance due to its more delicate nature.
Stain finish – This serves as a more decorative finish designed to highlight the natural aspects of the wood. You can choose from a variety of stain finishes including matte, gloss, and oil- or water-based finishes.
Your wood table tops might do even better with a varnish. Wood varnishes are oil-based and resistant to water, making them a good option for your restaurant’s bar or table tops. However, this is a difficult product to work with and it’s recommended the work get done by a professional to create a beautiful end product. Too many brushstrokes, or not waiting long enough for the oil to dry can lead to a cheaper looking final product. Many suppliers will thin the varnish before its application. This gives the table top a wonderful vintage feel, one of the top 10 trends in furniture today.

Lacquers are one of the most durable types of wood table finish. They don’t have the scratch-proof quality that polyurethane finishes do, but the versatility in sheen type and transparency make it a popular option for restaurants and other commercial furniture manufacturers. It’s quick-drying, dries hard, and provides water resistance, making it perfect for use in your restaurant. It’s easily repaired and sprayed onto your high quality furniture.

When you’re looking for a new wood table finish for your restaurant, consider these three options for your tables.