You’re picking out your final table selection for your restaurant, and you know that you want it to be made of wood for that perfect rustic feel, but which wood is going to be best for your business? Consult this handy guide to make sure your solid wood table tops fit your vision.


The most widely used hardwood and the most popular to use for crafting American and English country designs, oak is strong, heavy, and has a light coloring. It has a prominent grain and coarse texture that come from the wood’s natural rings and pores. These features make oak a very rustic choice, giving a table the feeling that it was just cut from the tree. Oak is very durable, able to withstand constant use, and is usually cut in a way so that it is resistant to warping. It does stain when it comes in contact with water, but is otherwise a great investment for your wood table tops.


Maple is the wood often used in bowling alleys because it is so hard and resistant to shocks. It is very light and has a fine texture and even grain because of its evenly sized pores. This more subtle grain and polished texture would suit your tables if you are looking for a sharp design that still has the natural element of wood. Maple has been used frequently in American colonial furniture and is a cost-friendly option for many.


Mahogany is a tropical hardwood and its price and quality depend on where exactly it originates. In general, mahogany is very durable and has a reddish-brown color. It has a uniform pore structure with lightly defined rings. Because of its general uniformity and lack of ring structure, mahogany is often used as a carving wood in many different styles, from Victorian reproductions to contemporary furniture. If you want your restaurant tables to have a high-class finish, use mahogany.


A softwood that grows in most areas of the Northern hemisphere, pine has an even and close-grained texture. It is usually a soft white or pale yellow color that is very light-weight. While the grain is close and even, pine often has prominent knots that make it preferable for a decorative effect. Pine is typically used in country or provincial furniture. It is prone to nicks and scratches, but it is a reliable and low-cost option for your wood table tops.


Walnut ranges from light to dark chocolate brown in color and is a strong and durable wood without being overly heavy. It has a wavy grain towards the roots of the tree and often has large burls. Walnut was a very popular choice for cabinet-making, especially in the 18th century. Known for its strength, walnut is a great choice for quality furniture as it will last you for years to come.

As quality and durability are the top two factors that consumers in the U.S. expect of their furniture, you need to make sure that your modern wooden tables impress your customers. You also need to ensure you will get your money’s worth, and you can achieve both by knowing which wood is right for you before you buy.