Creating the perfect lounge is one of the most crucial aspects of owning a hotel — you want to reassure your guests that they’ve chosen a chic place to stay that exists firmly in the 21st century so they can spread the word around town! Get rid of those wobbly bar stools and worn upholstery fabrics and let your guests drink and lounge in style; choose from one of these three themes and watch the business roll in.

Modern/Contemporary: One of the most popular styles in use, the modern look is all about minimalist furniture and clean, open spaces. Simplicity is key — you don’t want clutter, as easy as it can be to accumulate. The use of wood table finishes and floors are usually combined with neutral-colored furniture. Commercial furniture manufacturers are very familiar with this style and will be able to provide exactly what you need to furnish your elegant, sleek new hotel lounge.
Funky/Bold: As surprising as it might sound, the 70’s and 80’s are back. Millennials are seeking different, more unique furniture to match their personalities, and that extends to the bars and lounges they frequent. Consider inserting some dazzling patterns, replete with bright purple or yellow colors, and conversation-starting pieces — your lounge will be the talk of the town!
Eclectic: Apparently, interior design must follow three key rules: unity, color, and focal point. However, the eclectic style doesn’t seem to abide by any of those; combining multiple styles, textures, eras, and trends, the eclectic style can offer a little something for every single one of your guests, and will be sure to provide conversation for an entire evening. You can have a field day picking your favorite pieces from commercial furniture manufacturers since you’ll have almost no restrictions in your choices, and will still end up with a truly unique setting for your guests to mingle.
These styles and themes are sure to revitalize and revamp your dull, outdated lounge. In addition to garnering new business and income for your hotel, designing and planning the decorations will be an exciting and fun endeavor. Make a lounge that you’d be happy to spend your time in and your guests will see and embrace it.