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Commercial Furniture & Wood Table Finishes

Nothing brings out the beauty of a piece of furniture like the finish. And without a high-quality finish, that beauty can fade or mar in no time – especially given the constant use of commercial furniture.

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Aisling Wool Blair
Aisling Wool Brigid
Aisling Wool Castlerock
Aisling Wool Cladoir
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Aisling Wool Colleen
Aisling Wool Derry
Aisling Wool Dromore
Aisling Wool Erin
Aisling Wool Gael
Aisling Wool Inis
Aisling Wool Kerry
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Aisling Wool Lilt
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GAR Products® offers many models with a Lacquer Finish which is pre-finished overseas. The lacquer used on our wood seating is a quick drying solvent based lacquer that contains nitrocellulose, a resin obtained from the nitration of cotton and other cellulose materials. Easy to apply, it gives a smoother more decorative surface than water-based coating systems and can be buffed to a beautiful high gloss once cured. Hard and durable, it remains the choice finish material of wood furniture due to its quick drying nature and its ability to blend well with the natural grain and coloring of different woods. NOTE: Lacquer finishes vary from model to model based on the country of origin of our frame builder. Due to the difficulty in maintaining Lacquer finish consistencies across multiple sources, GAR Products® can not be responsible for finish variances.


We make our patented Ultra Violet finish in-house. This line is the most uniquely automated in the industry. Our system allows for the finest custom finishing available but is also incredibly friendly to the environment. In fact, we’ve been certified under the New Jersey DEP’s “Green Start Program.”