In these difficult times, we are now offering clear collapsible intubation isolation boxes. These boxes are made out of clear lightweight polycarbonate. The panels are .125 inches thick, are durable and high impact resistant. The boxes are assembled using zip ties and can be broken down for easy storage.

Attach the two side panels to the front panel. Hold the panels in place by putting zip ties through the holes in the tabs

Attach back and top panel and hold in place with zip ties. After all panels are in place, secure zip ties together to secure box.

When cleaning the box, we recommend the following:

Antibacterial Disinfectant
Antiseptic Wipes
Sterile Polypropylene Wipes
Hydrogen Peroxide
A 30/70 mix of water and Isopropyl Alcohol

For more information or to order call 800.424.2477 or email [email protected]