The only warranties that apply are those offered by the manufacturers of the upholstery.

Vinyl - Clean all vinyls with a mild soap and water solution or a high grade automotive vinyl cleaner. Spills/spots require prompt action. Some stains will become permanent if allowed to set.

Fabric - Since we have a myriad of fabrics in our line, and these fabrics are made up of a variety of materials, we suggest that the customer determine the correct composition of the fabric and clean with a substance recommended for the material according to the directions. Cleaning fabric with the wrong substance may result in permanent damage.

Crypton® Fabrics - The beauty of Crypton® fabrics is that it will repel liquids. However, liquids containing a pulp (i.e. tomato and orange juices), will catch in the fibers and may stain if left untreated. To clean Crypton® use a mild powdered, enzymatic detergent and water solution.

Cane - Cane seats and backs need to be checked regularly to ensure that the surface is smooth. If a small bit of cane is protruding, it should be clipped off with small clippers. These small bits of cane could snag customer’s clothing. If after an extended period of wear, the cane begins to break away from the frame, the chair should be removed from service. If cane begins to stretch out, it should be moistened lightly on both sides with plain water and allowed to dry thoroughly. Do not wet the actual frame.

Leather - Leather can be cleaned with a mild saddle soap.

NOTE: Warranty may be voided if proper maintenance procedures are not followed.


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