Is your factory available to view?

We welcome the opportunity to show our factory to designers and their clients. You can contact either the factory or area sales representative to make arrangements.

How do I get regular updates on my binder?

You can either contact yourlocal representative or if you do not have that information then please feel free to contact our customer service directly.

I have a limited access to fabrics and finishes, how might I be able to review a larger offering that I could use on my next chair order?

We have established a resource library that designers are welcome to set up an appointment to use. We work with a large variety of different fabric, leather and laminate suppliers.

How difficult is it to use a C.O.M (Customer's Own Material)?

It is not difficult at all! Our customer service department is more then happy to configure yardage requirement. We also can order directly from the vendor you wish to use.

How come your lead times are much shorter then your competitors?

We have the capability to stock higher levels of both indoor and outdoor furniture then our competitors. Our indoor line is not pre assembled so we can increase our in stock offering and we added an additional 52,000 square foot of space to inventory our outdoor line.

What if I need a sample chair to show my client?

GAR believes that buying a chair is similar to buy a should be able to sit in it. Samples can be sent out and requested through our local sales representative.

Do you participate in any shows that I could see product in person?

We participate in HD, HD Boutique, Global Shop, Neocon, Nra.

When I fill out a spec sheet should I put my sales representative on it or the direct factory information?

If you know your sales representative, placing their name on the spec sheet would be beneficial so they can assist you with your order. If you do not, feel free to have GAR contacted directly.

How do I get an estimated freight charge?

We can provide a freight quote upon request.

What do all these product codes, abbreviations and industry specific terms mean?

We understand your confusion with all the terms we sometimes have to use for our products. We have put together a Product Coding Guide and a list of Industry Terms to help clarify what it all means for you. Please click here to view the Product Coding Guide or the Industry Terms Guide.


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